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Flea Markets
Estate Sales
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Vintage Baby & Stork Postcard History

The mythology of the Stork started a long, long time ago.  In 220 BC (China), the Stork was associated with the divine, as a messenger of God.  "The Stork brought you" phrase began in Victorian times.  It was easier to use this phrase, than engage in discussions about sex to curious children.  Dutch and German fables wrote about Storks bringing babies to waiting parents.  This notion sprung from the belief that Storks nesting on roofs and chimneys in Holland and Germany meant abundant good fortune. 


Dumb Mikey Makes a Purchase

Mikey was walking down Wilson Street in Arlington with his girlfriend the other day when he spotted a sign in a store window that said, “Suits, $5 each, Shirts, $2 each, and Trousers, $2.50 per pair.”   Being Mikey, he wanted to show his girlfriend how smart he is, so he said to her, “Honey, check this out, I am going to go in here and buy tons of these clothes and make us a huge profit.”  As he starts to walk in the store, he continues by saying to her, “Now, babe, you just let me do all the talking.”  His girlfriend smirked, said nothing and just followed him in.   


Record Auction for Rare Bramble Golf Ball

Bonhams and Butterfields set a new world record recently with the sale of a golf ball for over $10,500.   The auction that took place at the Larz Anderson Museum in Brookline, Massachusetts was for a one of a kind Bramble patterned ball.  The ball returned to its original home when it was purchased by Minikahada Golf Club in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Upcoming Estate Sales

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May 25, 2006
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Online Auction Scams - Hjacking on eBay

If you are selling on eBay, beware of the latest.   Our account recently was “hijacked” by someone.   How it happened we don’t know and eBay was not as forthcoming with the info.   The only thing that saved us from an embarrassing situation was that the thieves were not able to receive our emails.   They used our account to list electronic equipment for 24 hours, hoping to cash in before we noticed.   Fortunately, they were not able to access our email and that is how we caught them, because people were asking us questions about “our listings” which were in fact not ours.


This well known club had several examples made in 1898 to mark its opening and the ball has the name of Minikahada at each of its poles.   This ball is believed to be the only one to have survived from that time.   U.S. golfer, Bobby Jones, who later went on to found the U.S. Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia, won the U.S. Amateur at the club in 1927.   

Outasite!! Collectibles
Old Beer Cans and Advertising Signs

In Bulgarian folklore, the Stork symbolized Spring.  When the Storks returned each year from their annual migration, some Bulgarian groups celebrated with dancing and imbibing in alcoholic beverages.  People began to notice that a lot of babies were being born about nine months after these celebrations.  The implication was that the return of the Storks brought good luck and fertility. In our modern times and Western culture, these ideas have been handed down and the White Stork species is still our adorable symbol of good fortune, fertility and new baby congratulations.  The small pink and reddish patches that newborns often have on eyelids, between the eyes, upper lip and nape of the neck are sometimes still called "stork bites".

Storks size, serial monogamy and faithfulness to their nests have contributed to their myth and given us such wonderful antique and vintage artwork with Stork and Baby postcards, birth announcements, congratulations postcards, baby item advertising and more. Historical nature accounts have said that the storks would burn to death in their nest rather than abandon it.  Their nests can reach up to 6 feet in diameter and about 10 feet in depth.  Storks appear to be as attached to their nests as much as their partners. The Marabou Stork has a wingspan of 10.5 feet and shares the "longest wingspan of any land bird" with the Andean Condor.  Storks glide on thermal air currents with those long wingspans.  Due to this travel mode, the stork was the inspiration for the Otto Lilienthal's experimental gliders of the late 19th century. 

The Hebrew word for Stork was equal to "kind mother".  What a lovely thought for you to keep when you view those vintage Stork and Baby postcards.


Don't scrub value off antiques
By Cindy McNatt
When dust, body oil, grime and oxidation occur on our drapes and upholstery, we call it dirt and go to great efforts to clean it off.   When it settles on our bronze sculpture or folk-art collection, it is called patina and we wouldn't touch it if we were paid to.  Antiques Roadshow's Keno twins go bonkers over it.  They say patina tells the story of where the piece has been, how it was used and where it came from. 

So do you clean an antique piece or not? The rule of thumb: If in doubt, don't.  The Antiques Roadshow Web site and other experts offer these tips on what, and how, to clean.

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When he gets inside, Mikey says to the man behind the counter, “Okay buddy, I’ll take 50 of the $5 suits, 100 of the $2 shirts and 50 of the trousers at $2.50.”  The man looks up and smiles and says, “You must be Mikey, I’ve heard a lot about you in the NOVA-Antiques Newsletter.”  Mikey is all proud of himself and smiles until he hears the man say, “The problem though Mikey, is that this is a drycleaners, not a retail store.”

  • Ceramics and glass: Yes.  Use warm soapy water and a soft, lint-free cloth.
  • Wood furniture: Yes.  Clean only with beeswax and a soft, lint-free cloth.  Don't strip.
  • Painted furniture: No.  There's history in the chipped paint.
  • Silver: Yes. But only with a mild silver cleaner and a soft cloth.
  • Bronze and copper: No.  Patina is valued.
  • Jewelry: Yes.  With distilled water, dish soap and a soft cloth.  Do not soak.
  • Textiles: No.  Call an expert.
  • Clock mechanisms: Yes.  Take to a repair shop to keep the mechanism clean.
  • Oil paintings: Yes.  Have cleaned by an expert.
  • Books: No.  Dust only.  Keep away from heat and moisture.
  • Guns: No.  Store safely to protect from heat and moisture.  You may paste wax the barrel.
  • Coins: No.  Patina is valued
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